Meiklejohn House Bed and Breakfast Parlour WindowThe Meiklejohn House is a perfect setting for a small, intimate wedding indoors all year round.  The large parlour is a beautiful setting to say your vows and to hold a small reception.  Our spectacular grounds can also accommodate a large tent for an outdoor wedding. 

With so many rooms steeped in victorian hertiage, photographers love the many different areas in and around the house suitable for a variety of wedding photos. 

The Meiklejohn House accommodations also offer five bedrooms available for rent, ensuring that we can comprehensively serve your needs and that of your family or guests for a relaxing stay.

Bridal showers can also be held at the Meiklejohn House and catered to your needs.


For more information on our wedding hosting services or to arrange a time to tour our facilities, please contact us.